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ACT4 PEOPLE On the contrary, those standing up for this NGO, are counting many years of experience and practice. They have missionary travelled to several countries during war times and natural disasters as well. From Afghanistan and Iraqi, to Somali and Libanon, Latin America and European countries. Throughout the world wherever people are in need. To give generously help or to register history facts.


ACT4 PEOPLE is the consequence of a new Greek Non Governing Organization that provides humanitarian aid to all those having “no right to life” whoever they are, wherever they are.
Refugees, emigrants, women and children, war and natural disaster victims, victims of poverty and slavery, even victims of discrimination and elimination, victims by the plaque of our times, of drugs, rape victims (women and children).
Children victims of violence in schools, in nursery schools even in the orphanage, children standing by the street lamps making a living and trying to defeat hunger and the frizzing winter, all over the world, including our country, find next to us the opportunity to assert the obvious. The right to Life and Dignity. With eliminations and discriminations left aside
ACT4 PEOPLE is a strictly independent organization based on volunteers.
People! Like you and us, like all of us.
It is an organization providing magnanimous consolation, hope, optimism and positive mood, good thinking.
ACT4 PEOPLE’s volunteers cannot bring miracles to action. They can only offer their best, themselves!

  • Peace promotion and society cohesion.
  • Society solidarity, international collaboration to expand the ideals of humanism.
  • The development of our societies with continuous commitment in cultural and multi-civilizations understanding.
  • Make a stand against intolerance, racism and any other act, which brings to danger life and freedom to each.
  • Life living improvement and society development leaving aside any kind of nationality discrimination, race, religion, society status, point of view or any kind of particularity.
  • Sensitize common view, on the most oppressed groups of people problems that sharpens day by day.

Mission is, our intension. Volunteers-supporters of ACT4 PEOPLE make an effort to defend human rights by all means with faith and hope.
Our aid is composed of free, first degree attendance such as medical, social and legal support, hospital equipping and school formation, undernourishment set up, social re-examination, education and knowledge carrying over.
To witness testimony in international and local terms as to human rights saving, to one or to whole, wherever there is eye-witness evidence.

The purposes
  • The supply of urgent humanitarian an food aid, to the growing countries
  • The initiative assumption about supplying growing help to the populations of the growing countries, with main target the real improvement of the social level of their civilians and the reduction of poverty.
    Especially, in the field of health an the social providence of the basic social substructures, the basic professional education and proficiency, for the creation of new work positions, of new incomes to the weak and inefficient groups of populations, and the expropriation of the advantages by the local societies.
  • The building and the reinforcement of the institutions, the democratization and the forwarding of the human rights, the equality of the two genders and the improvement of the women access to the local growing assumptions in those countries.
  • The growing education and the enhancement of the civilians society in the growing countries as well and the sensitization of the people and the promotion of problems those countries are facing.
  • The fight against drugs, against woman and children trafficking, against children pornography and against every kind of exploitation and oppression of under-aged people and especially of children.

ACT4 PEOPLE’s fundamental aim is to collaborate international with other NGO’s for common good and bigger -as possible- offer.


As an NGO, ACT4 PEOPLE’s foundation is to work with volunteers and bases in them most of its efforts for equality and human rights supportness.We call each one of you who cared to read this site, to join us in any way possible, in this tough effort we are making, Help is always needed and accepted. The best way to do so and be positive of its efficiency is to contact with the organization’s secretary office at the telephones given.

Voluntery Programmes

Meanwhile there are efforts made in order to create voluntery programmes that will provide help to the volunteer’s best brief up to the task one may choose to offer, as well as to organise these efforts, to best interest.


ACT4 PEOPLE works vigorously to defend its ideas addressed to any kind of authorized person or group of people, to achieve its goals an actually help the weak.
Through gatherings, actions and dialogues, people that stand for this organization, do by all means everything in their power, to be heard and will continue to do so until these voices get through those who command with no justice and without a shred of solidarity for fellow-people in suffer.


ACT4 PEOPLE is an organization that persues to be at the heart of the active events. This is why this organization makes sure always to stay informed and participate or organize missions aiming to support, declare and strengthen the international solidarity.

  • To this direction, information and report coming from you involving actions and facts falling into all the above, will be especially useful to us.
    • ACT4 PEOPLE tries along with voluntary help. Food collecting, clothes and toys for the elder and the children in need, is something more then priority to us.

Every person in ACT4 PEOPLE is aware of the fact that substantial aid cannot be given just from one group of people. It needs a massive effort. Beyond these, ACT4 PEOPLE persues and makes an effort to expand furthermore collaborations with other organizations standing up for the same principles and action range, either coming from Greece or foreign countries.

Financial Foundation

ACT4 PEOPLE is an independent, self-caring NGO, supported by your voluntary offers.

  • Investment sources, result from subscriptions and donations by this organizations friends and members.
  • European Union’s and International organization’s funds, Firm and Institution donations, legacies.
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